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So on Wednesday I met Ellen at the midwifery center for our/her first appointment. The midwife thought something seemed a little strange, so she sent us to the hospital for a sonogram.

Turns out that everything is fine, but she was right to check -- there's two of them in there!

On the monitor, their little heartbeats were clearly visible. That was really inspiring. I love them already :)

BTW, it was hard to get a snapshot showing both of them clearly. They are actually pretty much the same size, and both (apparently, to the doctor anyway) seem perfectly normal and healthy. Of course it's early yet, but here's hoping that everything continues to go well!

2004-04-12: they're both gone :( :(

everything did continue to go well. until last week.
ellen was experiencing cramps and developing a fever.
after closing on our apt (!) we went to the hospital.
sonogram confirmed only one of the twins was still alive.
of course it had advanced considerably since that first image.
wasnt just a blob, more human, with limbs, head, moving around.
almost looked like it was dancing, or swimming.
we were listening to its heartbeat. was it under stress?
was it struggling? hard not to think about it.
anyway ellen had a fever and a high white blood cell count.
she spent the next four days in the hospital.
finally we got to go home -- and celebrate our first wedding anniversary!
we made the best we could of it; it was a bittersweet occasion.
we spent part of the day at the doctor's office.
ellen could tell she wasnt pregnant anymore.
she was right.

RIP twins.
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