edp (edp) wrote,

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette (Standards Trio) @ Carnegie Hall

The concert was pretty good. I'm never crazy about the acoustics of Carnegie Hall for that kind of music, or for that particular group anyway, at least not this time or last year but maybe it's because I was sitting far back (on both occasions). Anyway I think it would work fine for Keith Jarrett solo (which he is doing in September apparently, BTW)...

One highlight, for me anyway, was the second-to-last tune of the first half (before intermission) when Keith ended a tune with a nice solo piano improvisation of shifting chords (one of his recognizable idioms) nicely done.

The best was the first tune of the second half (after intermission), "On Green Dolphin Street", which started with a long "bouncy" major key vamp, during which I was wondering whether they would play a tune at all, and which tune it might be. OGDS turned out to be a perfect fit.

They played four encores: slow, fast, slow, fast. The second one was "Straight No Chaser" and had some fairly "out" improvisatory bits with the whole trio which I found refreshing.

Keith spoke to the audience before the show, complaining about how the NY Times covers him (as he did last year as well). And again before the second (IIRC) encore to chastise the audience about flash photography (which some had started using by that point).
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