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bach cantatas

got most of the Rilling Bach cantatas from Berkshire Record Outlet.
missing 1, 2, 11, 17, 18, 25, 26, 33, 34, 44, 45, 49, 57, 60, 67.

2003-12-06: filled in the blanks from amazon.
2004-02-28: converted WAV (48 GB) to FLAC (22 GB).

i have a directory per CD, with "TRACK<n>.flac" files. i typed the cd/track information ("metadata") into a file and wrote a perl script to generate a link farm of files named after the BWV number (plus any subpart number) of the track (eg "BWV 0207.03", "BWV 0207a.01").

so now i have a single directory with every part of every cantata, by BWV number.
total number of tracks: 1,433.

the cantatas are also included in main BWV repository (another link farm).
total number of tracks: 3,862.

TODO: backup metadata (only).
TODO: recursive indexing.
TODO: fancier repository model.
TODO: Koopman, Suzuki, ...

Aryeh Oron's bach-cantatas.com
Walter F. Bischof's site (German texts)
Z. Philip Ambrose's site (English translations)

Other Bach links:

2004-07-17: re BWV ... Simon Crouch writes: "Hans-Joachim Schulze and Christoph Wolff, Bach Compendium: Analytisch-bibliographisches Repertorium der Werke Johann Sebastian Bachs [BC], Peters, 1985-. If the BWV isn't enough for you then this should satisfy. This multi volume catalogue of Bach's works aims to complement the BWV by providing greater emphasis on sources and documentable facts, classifies the works in a far more systematic manner and also gives separate entries to each "instance" of a Bach work, thus untying the muddle that the BWV seems to get in over multi-versioned works. The catalogue has only covered the vocal works so far but there are rumours that the next volume will appear soon." Unfortunately the Bach Compendium books are not easily available (plus they're expensive if/when one does find them). Um, hello? Put it online! Sheesh.

hmm. TODO: create a JSB wiki?
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